What is sustainable living? People who opt to live a sustainable lifestyle are conscious of their impact on our planet and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. There are many different ways you can do this from the beauty products you use and to reducing the plastic in your life. Here at Sanctum we try to do what we can to live more sustainably. Here are some of the best practiced sustainability tips from Eco Warrior Princess, you can easily integrate into your own life. Some will attempt to master all steps in one go, others will master one step at a time. Remember there is no right or wrong way, each individual has their own unique sustainable journey.

Be Green at Home

Recycle everything you can including plastic, cardboard, paper, aluminium cans and bottles. Each state differs when it comes to recycling programs. Best to contact your local council or to research online to know what you should and shouldn’t be putting in the recycle bin. Turn electrical items off at the power point. Use cold water when washing dishes and clothes. Use washable cloths instead of paper serviettes/napkins. Prepare home cooked meals to avoid disposable takeaway plastic containers. Save glass jars and reuse them. They make the best smoothie jars! Take shorter showers.


Reduce your meat consumption or avoid eating meat all together. Meat consumption is increasingly regarded as the number one source of climate change. Grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables. Avoid synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and learn the principles of permaculture to grow your garden organically. Start your own compost pile and use it on your gardens. Bring reusable shopping bags when you go food shopping. Visit the farmers markets to avoid purchasing food wrapped in plastic. Buy in bulk to avoid package waste. In Australia, shop at zero waste stores like the Source Bulk Foods. Bring your own food containers when going to the deli or market so you can avoid disposable plastic. Do your research and opt for eco-friendly options that have been externally accredited.

At the Office

Purchase recycled paper for the printer. Implement an office recycling program for paper, cardboard, food and print cartridges. Use a Keep Cup when buying coffee and encourage others to do the same. Maintain a paperless environment where possible. Encourage communications to be done by email, in person or by phone. Turn off computers and laptops at the end of the day, and stitch off all electrical items at the power point including lights.


Make a conscious choice to buy products that are accredited. This shows that the business has considered ways to minimises their impact on the environment. Sanctum skincare offers sustainable and certified organic skin, body and hair care products for women, men and baby. We believe it’s important to take steps towards a more sustainable way of living to help our earth’s future. All our products contain more than 70% Certified Organic ingredients and many products are more than 95% Certified Organic. Sanctum has certification through the Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd and all our product tubes are recyclable and biodegradable, breaking down in five years.

October 25, 2018