Certified Care

Sanctum Certified Organic

Why Certified?

Certified Organic since 2006!

Here at Sanctum, we have been making 100% natural skin care since 1992. We followed the rise of organic skin and body care with interest, and in 2005 we reformulated our range to become Certified Organic in 2006.

We did not want to just jump on the bandwagon and be seen as another organic player in the market. Nor did we want to risk jeopardising the standards of the products we produce, as we have found that some organic products currently in the market do not feel, smell or look like mainstream skin and body care products. Some companies have one Certified Organic product and declare their whole range organic.

We believe that only Certified Organic companies can genuinely call themselves NATURAL, as the certification process and random manufacturing... Read More

COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard

What Does It Mean To Be Certified Organic?

The following is an extract from the Code of Practice by our certifying body O.F.C. (Organic Food Chain), which all Sanctum organic products must abide by.

Prohibited :
1. Petrochemicals and other synthetic substances as ingredients in their own right.
2. Non-organic products of animal origins.
3. Talc.
4. Fragrances and other colour components of non-organic or synthetic origin.
5. Anti-microbial agents not produced from organic sources.
6. Chelating agents based on EDTA and its salts.
7. Fatty Chain source material of petrochemical origin.
8. Sulphonation, ethoxylation and propoxylation.
9. Alkyl Sulphates (e.g.... Read More