It’s that time of year again.. Let the Christmas gift-giving challenge begin! Balancing end-of-school for kids, cooking and the in-laws along with Christmas shopping, can be quite the art. How do people have time to shop? What does mum actually want this year? And how can I avoid the last-minute desperate Christmas dash to the chain store? We’d like to help you do it a little differently this year. Yes, it can be done! ‘Mindfulness’ is the hottest new gifting trend to make you feel rapt this Christmas. See below our top tips for giving mindfully this holiday season, to bring back the true spirit of Christmas and keep our planet looking pretty.

Don’t Wait

Studies show we are more likely to make poor shopping decisions when we are in a hurry. Just like avoiding the supermarket on an empty stomach, start Christmas shopping earlier this year. Try not to fall into the ‘franticness’ of Christmas, where intention can get lost along the way. Taking time to really understand the person you are buying for is a small investment, but can result in a much better outcome for your loved one.

Get Online

Shopping online allows you to browse from the comfort of your own home, and easily purchase when you find that perfect gift. Where possible, shop from local brands to ensure speedy delivery and an easy return / exchange if needed. Gift Packs from trusted sources, like Sanctum, are a real game-changer. One of the biggest worries when it comes to online shopping is “will I really get what I’m paying for?”. The Sanctum range is certified organic, accredited by the Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd and proudly bears their logo on all products, giving you the confidence that what you are buying is truly organic by nature.

Challenge Consumption

More and more people are choosing to spend on products that are not merely disposable stocking stuffers. Beauty and Skincare brands, especially those with purposes beyond just prettying, sense a change in shopping habits and are responding by developing gifts that imbue the holidays with meaning and presence as well as presents. Timed with the holidays, Sanctum Skincare have released Daily Body Treats Gift Collection $32.95 and Skin Essentials Gift Collection $59.95.

Daily Body Treats offers a suite of products that include Body Spa, Body Balm, Lavender & Chamomile Soap and Hand & Nail Repair designed to nourish the mind, body and spirit with an everyday body ritual. The Skin Essentials gift collection includes the Soothing Creme Cleanser,Moisture Concentrate, Tone & Refresh Mist and Gentle Face Exfoliant as a more luxurious approach to your daily routine.


This Christmas, utilise products that make a connection to self, enhance self-care and give an emotional benefit. There is a system that tells us to purchase mindlessly, so aim to be more grounded and connected to your loved one’s needs and purchase products with intention. It is possible to shop in a different way.

Give Back

At Sanctum, our products are manufactured in collaboration with giving back to local companies and the community. It is the gift that keeps on giving. We are active in our involvement with EarthWatch Institute, Camp Quality and International Women’s Day. Our products and manufacturing facility is also sustainable, using sustainably produced ingredients and processes that are beneficial for our planet and accredited by trusted bodies.

More recently, we have very proudly made the transition to 100% biodegradable packaging. All of our packaging is now manufactured with a special enzyme that ensures break down within 5 years.

It’s good to care about what goes on your body, and what kind of impact the products you choose have on the planet. We try to create a product we can stand behind, and a business that gives back when you buy. Sanctum offers a range of sustainably produced, certified organic skin, hair and body care products for men, women and baby. Shop our gift sets for Christmas here, and make merry through mindful giving. 

November 28, 2018