We know, you know, how to enjoy Summer. Sun-filled holidays, backyard barbecues and long days at the beach: Summer is jam-packed with calendar-consuming social events and days by the ocean, easily making it the best time of year. Summer can bring some challenges too. Hot nights and a lack of sleep, staying “sun smart” and drinking enough water doesn’t have to be a hurdle, to the relaxing pleasures the warmer temperatures can bring. Here are our top tips to beat Summertime’s most common problems.


Australian summer days can lead to sweaty, sleepless nights. It’s not just your imagination – the long hours of daylight actually trick your brain into wanting to stay up later. Light is a strong trigger to delay sleep. Maintaining a nightly routine can be helpful for you and your family to ensure a restful night sleep during the Summer months. Bath time, reading a book and a consistent time for lights-out will help your child’s body clock stay aligned. It’s tempting to let the kids stay awake later than usual, with the idea that it might make them more tired and get to sleep easier, however consistency and routine is key. Keep bedrooms cool with a fan and use light, breathable cotton sheets to wick any sweat away from little bodies. Reduce sleepwear down to cotton singlets and just a pull-up or nappy to keep infants from overheating and disrupting their rest. Skin redness and irritation can be a common problem for babies during summer. Keep Sanctum’s Baby Bottom Balm handy, gently spreading a small amount onto baby’s skin until well covered. 91% Certified Organic and 100% naturally derived, our Baby Bottom Balm penetrates the skin to hydrate and sooth, while providing a barrier to moisture residue.


As temperatures rise, so should your water intake. While the general belief is to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, it is advisable to drink 12 – 15 glasses of fluids in the warmer months, which can include water, tea and cold soups. Filtered water is best, to protect the body from disease and reduces the risk of gastro by 33%. Invest in sustainable water bottles for the whole family, carrying while out and about to stay hydrated on the go. Remember, when you feel thirsty, you are likely to already be dehydrated, so keep sipping throughout the day regardless of how you feel. Early signs of dehydration to watch out for are dry lips, low energy levels and brain fog. Keep your fluids up! Hydrate from the inside out and the outside in. Pump up the moisture for face and body. For face use Sanctum’s Moisture Replenish, ideal for normal, sensitive and combination skin types. A natural and organic nourishing day lotion rich in Vitamin E, our Moisture Replenish will help maintain and balance moisture in the skin. For body opt for Sanctum’s 250g Body Balm, to keep skin hydrated with a luxurious cream, rich in Shea Butter.

Slip, slop slap

Wearing rashies at the beach, keeping our hats on and re-applying sunscreen is second nature by now, but could you be overlooking other important ways to stay sun smart? Are you and your family wearing UV protectant sunglasses? Keeping your baby in a wide brimmed hat will reduce the amount of UV reaching their eyes by up to 50%. Stick on shades for car windows, especially in the rear, next to booster seats or baby capsules, not only protect your children from UV rays, but can also reduce the overall temperature in the car. Choose to play in shaded areas and try to stay indoors between 11am to 2pm.


Skin is already at risk in summer due to environmental factors like the exposure to UV rays or chemicals in swimming pools. With harsher external factors, summer skincare products are best if they counteract toxins and are completely chemical free. Choose Certified Organic and steer clear of petroleum based formulations, detergents and synthetic fragrances. Sanctum Baby Moisturiser is excellent aftercare for when baby has been outside or exposed to the sun. Containing Aloe Vera, it’s perfect for calming irritated or reddened areas, formulated specifically for delicate and sensitive skin. For Dad, Sanctum Men’s Facial Moisturiser calms and soothes while maintaining the natural pH levels of his skin. For Mum, Sanctum Moisture Balance is oil free, designed to hydrate and soothe and is great for sensitive skin. Like most of Sanctum’s range, Moisture Balance can be used whenever your skin feels dry or needs some support.

Here’s to a restful, hydrated and sun-smart summer (Don’t forget to enjoy it!)

December 17, 2018