The silly season is almost upon us. A time to celebrate the year that has been, and to relish in time spent with family and friends. It’s a magical time that we look forward to.

It’s also a time that increases stress and anxiety. We often place enormous, sometimes unrealistic, pressure on ourselves. Whether it be the work end of year party, Christmas Eve activities for the kids, or hosting a myriad of family and friends over the season. This is because, regardless of if, or how, you celebrate Christmas, for a lot of us, it’s priceless time spent with those we love.

These extra activities can cause extra stresses and this can affect the way we take care of ourselves, and therefore how we feel, the condition of our skin, body and overall health.

So we are sharing our tips on how we can practice self-care this silly season. Read ahead for advice on how to stay healthy, happy and present.

Stay active - preferably outside

As the demands of the season but extra pressure on your time it is more important than ever to make time to be active. Start the day with a swim in the ocean, go for a run, a walk your with your dog to the nearest park, or even suggest a ‘walk-and-talk’ meeting at work or coffee catch up. Continuing your daily routine amongst the chaos can be a great way to stay grounded and calm.

Pay attention to nutrition

The silly season is a time where it is easy to over-indulge. There are parties, celebrations and end of year gatherings where there is an abundance of food and drinks. We are certainly not suggesting you go without, that would be no fun! But we do recommend you find balance between indulgence and good nutrition. It is here that conscious consumption is key. Savour every bite of your favourite treats but then think about how you might balance those with more nutritious choices for the rest of the day or week.

Give into spontaneity

It's time now to set boundaries for the coming season and make sure you 'unschedule' some of your time. Make room for spontaneous holiday magic. This will take some of the stress off and could allow for some impromptu festive opportunities you wouldn't otherwise have room or energy for.

Say goodbye to guilt and focus on what makes you feel good

Accept your limitations and give yourself permission to not deliver 100%, all of the time. Operate within your means and lower your expectations on abundance. Put your time, money and energy in spaces that make you happy. Let go of things that you are choosing to do out of obligation. Trust us, it will feel good!

Gift yourself peace in the present

Consciously decrease your exposure to excessive stimulation. Take time to enjoy silence away from all the extra sight, sounds and smells that are around us in the lead up the Christmas holidays;

- Detox from tech

- Turn off the radio in the car

- Dim the lights at home - why not try candle light and a break from the flickering Christmas tree lights!

- Sit silently in a 'happy place'

Find pockets of alone time

So much of our time over the Christmas holiday season is spent with others, yet 'me-time' is so important to keep yourself in balance. Schedule a haircut or manicure, spend time on the couch with a magazine or give yourself an extended skincare ritual. To encapsulate a spa experience in your own bathroom this could be as simple as an extended body exfoliation, face mask and finally application of a body and face moisturiser. Head to the Sanctum website to find some or our luxurious Certified Organic skincare products that will help you have the ultimate at home spa experience.

Stay in touch with Gratitude

The silly season is a time to be festive and celebrate, but it's also a time to reflect and be grateful. This will also help you navigate the challenges of the coming season as when in a space of gratitude, everything else seems to fall into place (your focus is balanced and feel good receptors are in full swing). Gratitude can be practiced in a quiet moment where you think of all you have to be thankful for. It can also be expressed more openly or by giving back.

At Sanctum, we practice gratitude by giving back to a multitude of community groups and are passionate about our planet and as such plane a tree for every product sold. Discover more about our local and nationwide charity involvement here.

November 18, 2019