Mornings can often be the busiest and hardest time of the day; waking up, frantically getting the kids ready for school, a nutritious breakfast and getting ready for the day can all be very challenging tasks, with sustainability being the last thing on your mind.

You’re not alone. However, the truth is, incorporating small personal changes in your morning routine can make a huge impact on your environmental footprint. Incremental changes can not only reduce energy and water consumption, but subsequently reduce bills too...and after a while, you will completely forget you’re doing them, it will become second nature to you.

At Sanctum, we are passionate about sustainability and living our best eco-friendly lifestyle possible! That’s why we shared the below six tips to help you consider how you might improve your morning ritual in a sustainable way.

Walk or cycle to work

Ditch the car and opt for a cleaner mode of transport. Not only will this save you money, but it will reduce greenhouse emissions too. Walking or biking is a practical and convenient way to incorporate regular exercise into your morning routine supporting your mind and body healthA study conducted by The Conversation supports this by suggesting that workers who commuted by walking or cycling performed better in the workforce. Cycling uses minimal fossil fuels and is a pollution-free mode of transport. According to an article by The Queensland Government, cycling 10 kms each way to work would save 1500kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year. A feel good morning routine for everyone! 

Conserve electricity

Besides saving money on your energy bills, conserving electricity will largely improve your environmental impact. Most electricity used in our homes comes from the burning of fossil fuels and these resources are not renewable or unlimited, instead releasing harmful pollution into the atmosphere. Reduce your carbon footprint by using electricity only when necessary to avoid wasting it. We suggest avoiding leaving lights on, switching to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances and shutting down electronics when you're not using them!

Shower with a difference

As Spring has well and truly kicked in and temperatures are on the rise, this one should be easy to follow! Reduce water consumption by practicing shorter showers. Try turning the water off while lathering up with soap or exfoliating, then switch back on when you’re ready to rinse. Next, adopt an eco-friendly product in the bathroom that is less harmful to the water supply. We love Body Spa, a luxurious shower gel combining Aloe Vera Juice, Seaweed and Thyme Extract into a creamy cleanser for the body. We also love our Soothing Cream Cleanser for the face because it gives skin much needed hydration while cleansing away any nasties from the night before. Simply massage onto the skin and rinse! 100% naturally derived and Certified Organic - skincare that will love your skin and won’t cost the environment.

Fresh air

Simple and effective. Fresh air is nature’s natural air conditioning and something we tend to forget when the days get warmer. With the impact of Global Warming increasingly evident and with rising temperatures, the temptation to use air conditioning is amplified, yet it’s rituals like this that are detrimental in the first place. Our tip is to open all your windows and let the fresh air work it’s magic. Try sprtizing a re-energising facial mist to revitalise when feeling the heat. We love our Tone & Refresh Mist with Cucumber and Witch Hazel Extracts to awaken your senses and soothe your skin! Keep your toning mist in the fridge for an even more stimulating and refreshing boost of moisture. 

Avoid eating meat at breakfast

The series of ethical problems related to meat production are endless. Nowhere is this impact more apparent than climate change, with animal farming contributing to 18% of human-produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Reducing your meat consumption is important if we want to mitigate the effects of climate change. For many people, making the shift can be hard, but in reality it is one of the easiest and simplest things we can do to live more ethically. Opting for a nutritious and meat-free breakfast is an excellent place to start with fresh fruits providing a nourishing and hydrating alternative for the summer months ahead!

October 17, 2019