Over the years, yoga has been proven to play a crucial role in maintaining physical and mental health. But did you know it can also help achieve a bright and healthy skin appearance? As we go through life, we are bound to experience various skin challenges caused by issues like stress or an unhealthy gut. While practicing simple yoga exercises can solve these issues from the inside, they can also promote a healthy and glowy skin appearance. Here's our guide to simple yoga techniques for healthy and radiant skin. 

Downward-Facing Dog

Ideal for strengthening your core, shoulders, and arms while encouraging full-body stretch and flexibility, this yoga technique helps energize and relax the entire body. It also boosts blood circulation around your face and brain, giving you fuller and healthier cheeks. 


  • Lie on the ground on your hands and feet
  • Lift your hips towards the ceiling and extend your spine as your heels and palms remain firmly rooted on the floor 
  • Maintain that position for 5 - 9 breaths

Cat-Cow Pose

A simple cat-cow pose is an excellent way to get your digestive system up and running as you begin your day. Not only does it provide digestive support, but it also promotes spine flexibility and opens the chest for slower and deeper breaths. It is also an excellent way to calm your mind and relieve stress, which aids in achieving radiant skin. 


  • Lay on all fours and put your spine in a neutral position.
  • Inhale while lifting your head to the ceiling. Move your shoulders away from your ears and sink your stomach to the floor.
  • Exhale deeply while bringing your head to your chest, arching your spine, and tucking in your stomach.
  • Repeat 5 - 20 times.

Bow Pose

Relieve the tension and strengthen your abdominal region while increasing blood circulation in your pelvic area and face through this yoga pose. Regularly practicing the bow pose also aids in strengthening your gut and reproductive organs, preventing constipation and indigestion. 


  • Lay flat on your stomach on the floor
  • Bend your knees while maintaining the knee-hip width.
  • Extend your arms backward and hold the outside of your ankles.
  • Inhale as you balance your body on your navel and hold that position for at least 15 to 30 seconds
  • Exhale and release your body from this position.
  • Repeat the posture 3 to 5 times.

Fish Pose

Also known as the heart-opening pose, the fish pose is perfect for healthy, even-toned skin. Furthermore, this asana also promotes muscle strength and spinal flexibility. 


  • Place your body flat on the floor.
  • Arch your back, allowing only the top of your head to touch the ground.
  • Maintain the position for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat it 5 - 20 times.

Standing Forward Bend Position

This simple yoga pose relieves body tension while increasing blood flow to your face and oxygen intake. The increased blood circulation to your face will instantly give you a quick and glowy skin appearance. 


  • Stand upright with your legs hip-width apart
  • Exhale as you bend forward while allowing your arms and head to hang
  • Bend your elbows to grab your knees from the back. Ensure your face is as close to your knees as possible
  • Maintain the posture for about 30 seconds and repeat it 5 - 20 times

Other Ways to Achieve Healthy and Radiant Skin

While simple yoga exercises are an excellent way to achieve glowing skin, there are other ways to achieve the same result. They include drinking a minimum of 2 litres daily, minimise alcohol consumption, exfoliating regularly, using sunscreen, stopping smoking, and using Certified Organic and natural skincare products, like those from our range.

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May 15, 2023