It's National Organic Week (NOW), so this week we'll be sharing what organic means in 2021 and simple, affordable tricks and tips to add more organic to your everyday life.

What is organic?

Organics is not just “chemical-free”. It is a whole system or holistic way of growing and handling food. We mean the entire system – soil, plants, animals, food, people, and environment.

Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMO’s.

Why certified organic?

When it comes to the products and produce you buy, they must be certified to ensure that they're organic. ACO and COSMOS are our local certifiers in Australia. They uphold us to rigorous standards, auditing, and third-party reviews to ensure that we mean it when we say organic.

Is switching to organic costly?

Making the switch to certified organic gives you peace of mind that what you are using is ultimately good for you and your family. Start small. Switch to certified organic products as you run out of your current products.

Is Sanctum Organic?

Our entire range is certified organic, and no product over $40. We believe in transparency which is why we list the percentage of organic ingredients on each product.

From bubs to men's care, you can be confident that your favourite products are as good for your skin as they smell.

If you’d like to find out more about the Sanctum organic difference, click here.

This week, we'll be sharing information on our blog and across social media, so stay tuned for more info!

September 21, 2021