Summer is well and truly here—hot, humid days and dripping sweat that can easily aggravate the skin. So we’re going to tell you the secret to eating delicious summer fruits that’ll leave your skin glowing. 

The unfortunate among us who are prone to acne, myself included, know that it’s a complex relationship between the seasons, hormones, chemicals, poor food and lifestyle choices and lack of sleep that leads to breakouts.

The secret is that many of these acne-causing factors can be addressed with the cascade effect that occurs when you eat well. Opt for foods that lead to proper hydration, superior nutrition, and rejuvenating sleep. 

If you’re after a radiant complexion this summer, consider what you eat. The best foods to go for are ones rich in the vitamins A, C and E (the three antioxidant vitamins), as well as the minerals Zinc and Selenium, as these all fight ageing through reversing oxidation reactions in the body (caused by stress, hormonal imbalances, etc.).

B Vitamins and Folate are vital for keeping our hormones in their proper ratios and helping the liver eliminate toxins, which will lead to clearer skin. 

So apart from a natural skincare routine rich in Certified Organic ingredients, here are some tasty and nourishing options to chuck into that morning fruit salad or breakfast smoothie.


Loaded with Vitamins A, C and E, mangos are wonderful preventers of problem skin as well as a healer of fine lines and mild acne scars. The Vitamin A precursor, beta-carotene, found naturally in fruits and vegetables, is preferable to prevent skin issues. It’s abundant in orange-hued fruits, such as rockmelon and papaya, and vegetables such as carrots and sweet potato.


Due to it having almost the same amount of Vitamin C as an orange, consuming pineapple may help in boosting collagen production, keeping the skin firm and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Our spiky friends contain Bioflavonoids, which have a complementary relationship with Vitamin C, making them work better when ingested together. In addition, the protein-digesting enzymes in pineapples, such as Bromelain, significantly improve wound healing and reduce inflammation and may also be effective in decreasing the redness associated with acne.


Watermelon’s 92% water content translates to hydrated, soft and supple skin. Vitamins A, B1 and B6 contribute to maintaining an even skin texture, while the Lycopene prevents tissue damage by acting as a scavenger of free radicals responsible for increased skin concerns related to inflammation. You can eat it whole or blend it up with some strawberries, mint and ice to enjoy as a refreshing frappe.


Few things are more delightful than cracking open a fresh coconut and digging into the milky flesh. And we're confident that the news that this tropical fruit will help you in your quest for healthier skin makes them even more appealing. Jam-packed with nutrients, including Selenium and Zinc, the fat content in fresh coconut is the good kind (hooray!). It helps to nourish your skin, keeping it well-hydrated and supple to reduce the risk of dry skin that can lead to the appearance of early wrinkles.


Apart from the fact cherries are delicious, they also contain Vitamins A, C, K, folate and Anthocyanins, the antioxidant that gives the darker fruit and veggies their colour. However, one of the more unique things about cherries is their high content of natural Melatonin, the hormone that brings about deep and restful sleep. We all know how a bad night’s sleep seems to accelerate our age almost instantly, and the reverse is also true – a solid 8 hours under the doona can be all it takes to make you feel (and look!) like a million bucks.

January 13, 2022