It’s a strange and worrying time for us, our global community. 

In a time of uncertainty, activities, amongst a loose routine may be the key to happily enduring isolation. While experts have said that a strict routine mimicking school isn’t necessarily the way to go, tactile and engaging activities that foster a child’s learning, interest and creativity will keep kids busy, happy and with less screen time.


We have five accessible, fun activities that can be modified each time to add to your activity rotation.


Origami is calming and mindful and a great activity for children of various ages and skillsets. There are endless tutorials online and can be made with scrap paper at home - or as a treat some lovely origami paper.


Cubby house

Building a cubby, whether it is inside or outside, is an activity of escapism and creativity and can fuel the imaginations of children for hours on end.

It's probably not every day kids are allowed to have free-reign of communal living areas like the couch or living room, and while it may be an exercise in restraint - let them create and play freely, creating an amazing safe space. The mess can be cleaned up as part of the deal.


Graffiti with chalk

Children and families around the world have been colouring in rainbows and displaying them in their windows to share with people passing by.  We love this idea and the connectedness it fosters.  Unity and positivity, after all, are so important right now.

Another great idea is for children to have an afternoon decorating a fence or the footpath in front of your home with brightly coloured pictures and messages.


Air-dry clay

Air-dry clay is accessible and inexpensive as well as so easy to use. The ideas are endless with air-dry clay, children could mould models of their family, a farm, the characters of their favourite book or film or make something for their room.


Mindful Colouring

Colouring is an activity loved by children and, in recent times, even adults with the onset of mindful colouring books a few years back. It’s is a time to sit calmly and focus completely on one task.

In our part of the world, the annual whale season has just begun, and it is one of our favourite times of the year.

To celebrate the start of the season we would love to see a sea of these stunning geometrical whales coloured in by your little ones.


There is a $150 Sanctum Skincare prize on offer for the best-coloured whale - Certified Organic skincare, hair care and body products for the whole family.

Right click on the whale image above to save and either print the image and colour, take a picture or use a scanner app to then send us your picture. 

You could also use an iPad or tablet to colour in the image and screenshot or save the image and send to us. 

Entries are to be sent to by the 30th April 2020 to have your littles ones entry submitted to the competition.

April 16, 2020