Skin is highly absorbent. You may assume if you aren’t ingesting nasty chemicals, your body is safe from them. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly true. The fact is, much of what we place on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream - making the products you select for your daily beauty routine highly important. But before you start to panic - we have created a list of common nasty ingredients to look out for and simple product swaps to keep you and your family safe and healthy.


Australian legislation does not require perfume manufacturers to list the chemicals used in fragrance. This means, most common fragrances contain large numbers of synthetic chemicals. Exposure to these chemicals can often create headaches and asmtha. But the scariest part - some research shows that certain compounds found in perfumes contain hormone-disrupting chemicals.

We suggest swapping your synthetic perfume for 100% organic oil based fragrances. Essential oils are a natural, safe and even have some therapeutic benefits.

Foundation + Moisturisers

Possibly the most frequently used and most common products in a woman’s beauty cabinet. Here are a few nasty ingredients to look out for and avoid.

Butoxyethanol: This is an alcohol that can sometimes be an ingredient in moisturisers (as it is relatively inexpensive). Not all alcohol in skincare are necessary bad - but this one is one to avoid! Some research shows that it can cause irritation of the skin (especially the nose and eyes), cause headaches and vomiting. Which is not surprising, as it is a common ingredient of floor strippers, window cleaners and rust removers. Eek!

Parabens: These are synthetic compounds used in a number of cosmetics as a preservative, and definitely one to avoid. Although parabens are used to prevent bacterial growth, they are also linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. Studies have shown that parabens can disrupt hormone function by mimicking oestrogen, which can trigger an increase in breast cell division and tumour growth. Some studies have argued this point, but we believe it’s better safe than sorry. Avoid anything that contains: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben.

We suggest: Our range of Certified Organic Moisturisers

Our range of daily moistures contain absolutely no nasty ingredients, and use only the best and safest ingredients of nature to leave your skin nourished and hydrated.

Mascara + Eyeliners

Not only does mascara have a much shorter expiry date than other beauty products (make sure you are buying a new one every 3-6 months), it also can contain some pretty gross ingredients. Make sure you avoid the following.

Carbon Black (Black 2): This is what gives mascara and eyeliner a velvety black colour. Unfortunately, it’s coal tar. So make sure you bin anything containing this.

Phenylenediamine: This is a type of coal tar dye which is always best to avoid, as it is also a respiratory toxicant and can be contaminated with heavy metals.

Polyethylene: This can also be used in eye shadows, eyebrow pencils, lipstick and blush. It is a plastic, which some studies have shown to both a skin irritant and carcinogenic.


Always opt for natural and organic soaps, which are much safer for you and your family’s skin. Avoid any soap that contains the following ingredient.

Triclosan: This is an artificial antibacterial agent. It was created to kill the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin, however studies have shown that it can interrupt the body’s thyroid hormone metabolism and can lead to a weakened immune system. It was banned in the US in 2016, however there is no ban of this chemical in Australia. Not only is it unsafe for humans, it is also harming our environment! The chemical does not break down easily, washes down our drains and ends up in our oceans and waterways - harming microscopic bacteria in the water environment that the earth’s food chain is dependant on.

We suggest: Our range of Certified Organic Soap

Our gorgeous soap bars will leave you feeling soft and clean and are filled with natural ingredients that are safe for the whole family. And safe for the environment too!


It’s a common misconception that the more foam and bubbles a shampoo creates - the more it’s working. This is actually quite the opposite. Opt for products that do not include the following ingredient.

Sodium Laureate Sulfate (SLES): This is a synthetic detergent that creates the foam and bubbles effect, which strips away your hair’s natural protective barrier of oil - and can cause irritation, dryness or trigger the overproduction of oil. Why do synthetic brands do this? Because after this ingredient is used on your hair, it can quickly seem ‘dirty’ again, and creates a dangerous cycle of you over using the product (and causing serious damage to your locks).

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May 29, 2019