During the Winter months, elemental changes like low humidity, dry air and wind are harsh on our skin. The epidermis (the top layer of our skin) contains a natural barrier that protects our complexions against environmental changes. Unfortunately this barrier is prone to stress during the colder months, resulting in transepidermal water loss, which in turn dries the skin. Heating in the car, home and office, piping hot showers and extra layers of clothing accelerate this process, causing our skin to feel flaky and irritated. 

With Spring only just around the corner, we introduce you to our favourite natural ingredients to refresh and energise dull Winter skin. Here are 5 simple and effective solutions that will give you happy and healthy glowing skin, just in time for warmer weather. 

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Cocoa Seed Butter

Cocoa Seed Butter, also called Theobroma Oil, is a natural vegetable fat extracted from the Cocoa Bean. Not only does it have an earthy and delicious aroma, this oil is naturally derived and high in antioxidants that help fight off free-radical damage that causes ageing. Its anti-inflammatory properties work to smooth, nourish and protect the skin bringing you healthy and youthful-looking skin all season long. 

Try: Sanctum’s Body Balm

A hot shower or bath during the cooler months helps to soothe the soul, but hot water and over washing with soap can cause our skin to dry out. We recommend turning the temperature down (even just a little!) and switching to warm water followed by our creamy Body Spa shower gel, the perfect soap free alternative. Complete with our rich and hydrating Body Balm, the perfect addition to your body care routine. This nourishing balm can be massaged sparingly all over the body, paying special attention to areas like elbows, knees and feet. It works to deeply replenish lost moisture and help achieve a super smooth and hydrated glow. The perfect end to any bathroom ritual.  

Body Balm

Ingredient: Sunshine

Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium for healthy bones and strong muscles. It also contributes to skin cell growth and repair - and can even improve the skin's immune system, helping to destroy free radicals that can age our skin quicker than we'd like (when consumed in moderation!). Our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D when our bare skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight, making the act of being outside an easy and natural method to combat the dry Winter skin.

Try: Outdoor Activities

Incorporating some simple outdoor activities into your day like walking the dog or gardening will ensure you get enough Vitamin D to stay healthy. How much sun do we need exactly? A study by NPS MedicineWise suggests that it depends on your skin type - but as a general guide between 10 to 15 minutes a day is a safe amount of time. It is also recommended to to spend your time in the sunshine before 10am or after 3pm, even in Winter.


Ingredient: Carrot Seed Oil (Vitamin A)

The ultimate anti-ageing weapon, the nourishing and protective properties of Vitamin A host a plethora of benefits for the skin! It works to effectively smooth fine lines and wrinkles (naturally!) and even skin tone by lightening sun spots. Proven to stimulate cell turnover, this super ingredient will naturally boost skin radiance and reduce the likeliness of blemishes and imperfections. 

Try: Sanctum’s Hy C Intensive Repair Cream

Our Hy C Intensive Repair Cream is an ultimate and natural form of self-care. This rich and hydrating cream works on three levels to help promote cell renewal, hydrate the skin and protect the skin against the ageing effects of the environment. During months of low temperatures and humidity, you can restore your skin's radiance and supple complexion with this powerful product. Apply every morning after cleansing by taking a pea-sized amount and gently pressing all over the face and neck.

Hy C Intensive Repair Cream

Ingredient: H2O (Water)

Increasing your water consumption is the easiest and cheapest solution to improving your skin health. Why? Because our skin cells (like all our cells in the body) are made up of water and without it, our organs are not able to function at the best of their abilities. During Winter, we are less likely to experience heat-induced thirst, which can result in less water intake throughout the season. To ensure our bodies are flushing toxins, regulating body temperatures and maintaining a healthy metabolism it is essential to stay hydrated.

Try: Staying Hydrated 

An obvious suggestion, but also a very important one. The amount of water you should drink varies from person to person, but the recommended consumption for women recommended by Queensland Health states:

  • If you are mostly sedentary, drink 6-8 glasses per day
  • If you exercise, drink 8-12 glasses per day
  • If you are breastfeeding, drink 7-10 glasses per day

  • In addition to this, you can also incorporate more natural water-based foods into your diet like mandarins, or warm yourself with clear soups like flavoured broths. 


    Ingredient: Squalane (From Olives)

    The use of natural oils to support skin health has been around for centuries due to their protective and moisturising benefits. 100% plant-derived Squalane Oil is a great choice when it comes to improving skin texture, as it sinks into the skin quickly, while also helping to accelerate cell growth and fight off skin-damaging free radicals that cause the signs of ageing. The ingredient also provides excellent hydration while preventing any ongoing moisture loss, keeping the skin clear and healthy. The many anti-inflammatory properties of Squalane help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema, while nutrient-dense properties work to boost blood circulation and promote collagen formation. Results? Younger and more vibrant looking skin.

    Try: Sanctum’s Moisture Replenish

    To avoid suffering from the effects of Winter, add a natural, gentle and organic lotion like our Moisture Replenish to your routine. This everyday moisturiser is high in the antioxidant Vitamin E which will maintain moisture in the skin and help fight the signs of ageing. Avoid splashing hot water directly to your face when cleansing (cooler temperatures are best) and follow with a small amount of Moisture Replenish pressing gently onto the face and neck.

    Moisture Replenish

    August 22, 2019